Service Business Opportunity Assessment

Whether you’re only just getting started - or already in the process of - transforming your service business, it is beneficial to start with an objective assessment of your current situation. Such assessment should provide you with key insights into your organisation's main areas of improvement, as well as concrete next steps to initiate or accelerate change within your organisation.

To help you succeed, Noventum has developed a Service Business Opportunity assessment (based on SCP Standards & our Best Practice Library) that takes you through the following steps:

To get started, we will provide you with access to a free online self-assessment covering a limited scope of functional service business areas.

Undertaking this assessment will take approximately 30 minutes of your time. Upon completion of the assessment, you will gain direct access to your personalised report of opportunities. The assessment report includes:

  1. A spider graph showing your current situation versus your ambition level and the different stages in the service evolution model.
  2. An explanation of a selection of concrete opportunities specific to your business.
  3. A mapping of these concrete opportunities on available best practices from the SCP standards and our best practice library.
  4. A bubble chart which prioritises the improvement opportunities based on: time to implement, urgency and potential benefits.
  5. A roadmap tailored to your current situation and ambition level (not in the scope of the free self-assessment).

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