Discover service improvements with Noventum's Service Business Opportunity online Self-Assessment

Noventum’s Service Business Opportunity Self-Assessment tool allows organisations to identify potential improvements for their service business.

To complete the assessment the following 5-step approach is to be followed:

  1. Fill out the assessment - Based on Noventum’s Service Business Opportunity Framework we will ask you to answer some questions to identify the scope of your service business and your ambition level, which determines which functional areas should be addressed during this assessment. For each applicable functional area, a set of questions are to be answered.
  2. Identify improvement opportunities - An overview of the performance areas is presented. For each specific area, a list of potential improvement opportunities on how to get to the targeted level is provided. For each opportunity you can define your potential benefit and how long it would take to implement this.
  3. Verify improvement opportunities - To ensure that the opportunities described make sense to your specific situation, a service consultant will contact you to go through the results
  4. Prioritise improvement opportunities – You are able to prioritise the improvement opportunities identified by time to implement, urgency and potential benefits, per applicable functional area in a dynamic report
  5. Plan solutions - you will receive a report by email which lists the improvement opportunities, the solutions which could be applied to address make these improvement opportunities, and the SCP Components that contain applicable Best Practices from the SCP Best Practice Library related to each opportunity.

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