Create a platform for profitable growth through standardisation

A case study and handbook for service business leaders

Create a platform for profitable growth through standardisation

Case Study:

A globally operating company that produces food-producing technologies just selected a new service management solution. The company had been through several mergers and acquisitions so the service was sold and delivered differently in each country and each division.


Our customer mentioned that the project helped them take a huge step towards achieving their company strategic goal of providing their clients with a consistent customer experience. At the same time, it helped them to work together better as a company.

In summary:

1. The decision to use the Service Transformation Centre practices as a starting point helped to eliminate internal politics and delays as all stakeholders saw the value in using these proven practices to improve service performance quickly, to match best in class, and reduce the risks associated with a complex transformation. 

2. Once the alignment was achieved, the use of the Design and Build Centre as part of the Service Transformation Centre in the redesign of processes, definition of service management practices, roles and KPI descriptions, resulted in well-thought out process maps which were created in a just 8 weeks.

3. Their people realised that delivering service is not different in other regions or in their case industries. People must go through the same steps and practices to ensure a fast response and the best resolution for the customer. This insight made them work better together as a company.

4. Due to using the method of the Service Transformation towards designing and documenting sales and delivery models, the company can now easily further develop and improve their business or replace existing processes with more advanced processes.