Are you getting the Max from ServiceMax?


Are you getting the maximum productivity improvement out of ServiceMax? For example:

Benchmark question:Improvement Opportunity:
Does your organisation have real-time visibility and control of key metrics for your service business such as the ability to measure the elapsed time from customer call to repair?

Improved SLA Management will improve your customer experience scores, improve customer loyalty and reduce customer churn.

Can you report the average time spend on registering service requests and the utilisation rate of your field service technicians?

Reducing activities of low value through process re-engineering can result in double digit productivity improvements for field technicians.

Can you automatically check the service entitlements of customers as you register their service requests?

Better service entitlement will increase the rate of upselling and avoid service being given away for free.

Does your organisation use your field service management system to forecast the number of technicians and the mix of skills required to support your upcoming workload?

Better resource forecasting will avoid work-load peaks, therefore reduce cost of overtime and improve SLA compliance and customer experience and improve employee satisfaction due to less stress


If you cannot answer yes to all these example benchmark questions, you may not be getting the max out of ServiceMax. Noventum, as a partner of ServiceMax, is now offering you the possibility to discover more than 500 improvement opportunities and benchmark your ServiceMax enabled business using our 30-minute on-line Field Service Assessment.

Using your responses to the assessment and comparing them to our benchmark database of over 200 companies, Noventum will help you quickly identify opportunities for improvement. Benchmarking provides the possibility of identifying additional service business improvement opportunities to achieve that next level of performance by making the best use of the functionality offered by ServiceMax.

Our benchmark methodology is based on the Service Capability & Performance Standards (SCP) for the technical service industry. ServiceMax is one of the leading solution providers that is SCP Compliant which means that the offered functionality in the ServiceMax application can automate field service business processes in such a way that best in class performance should be possible.

You can request an example benchmark report or get access to our on-line Field Service Assessment by contacting us by email ( or on + 31 297 566 241.

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