Increase growth by selling more services

A case study for service business leaders

Increase growth by selling more services

Case Study:

A pan European medical equipment provider’s existing strategy adequately pushed sales but didn’t promote sustainable growth for the business. Their sales force presented characteristics and benefits of the service offering to the customer but lacked a real understanding of customer needs and was therefore not able to highlight the company’s competitive advantage. The service sales force typically explained their customers ‘lack of budget’ as the person they spoke to only had limited buying power and simply forwarded the proposal to the purchaser without being able to justify the value. 


The approach to improve sales effectiveness required getting a good understanding of client needs and challenges, by ensuring that the teams had the necessary capabilities and sales tools to have insightful conversations with customers. The company’s field service engineers were trained to act as trusted advisors to recognise opportunities for sales which were then communicated to dedicated sales teams 

A new go-to market strategy for each service was launched by researching customers’ service requirements. Customer service needs were categorised into product related needs and customer business needs. New sales methodologiestools and coaching of sales teams were necessary. You will find the steps in the handbook that you can find in Noventum’s online Service Transformation Centre. 


In just one year the service revenue and EBIT have grown by more than 20%. The strategy forged the path for the development of a range of new products and services, as well as expansion into other market segments. These results would have been impossible without an underlying focus on what has become the defining factor of sales: customer centricity.  

Read the full case study and be inspired by the handbook for increasing your growth by selling more services with the help of the Service Transformation Centre.