Do you really know what customers want?

Your Challenges


We are Service Innovators. But in technical and product-centric companies, innovation budgets are typically entirely assigned to R&D for the purpose of ‘feature driven product innovation’. 

Regrettably, not enough attention is paid to understanding what really adds value from a customer’s perspective. And yet it has been shown that most financially successful innovations come from ideas that enhance the experience of already existing products, technology or services. It is in this unexploited area, Noventum can help you create a new Service driven strategy and unlock hidden profit in your business.

So what’s next?


At Noventum we can help you make the step from product-centric to customer-centric services. 

This will lead to the creation of entire new business models with advanced integrated services, increasing your company’s market potential.

Our approach allows you to:

  • Reliably select successful innovation initiatives
  • Achieve a fast time to market
  • Nurture and grow successful initiatives
  • Deploy global initiatives through understanding local cultures, capabilities and configuration of organisations.


Noventum can assist in the development of an organisation’s innovative capabilities by setting up, training and coaching a new Service R&D unit, marketing teams or Service Designers. 

In addition, we can continuously develop new service propositions with these teams in a co-operative partnership format.

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Getting Started

A good starting point is research into customer needs.

Results are then used to create more accurate and useful customer segmentation models that fulfil the following purposes:

  • Support service sales to be more effective by deep understanding of what customers want.
  • Support service designers to identify and develope new services that address particular needs.

Through this initial period, we will help you achieve short-term improvement in customer experience and retention and show you how to increase customer value in services you already deliver. 

Contact your nearest Noventum office today and take the first step towards accelerating business innovation. 

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