About Us

Over 200 successful projects and a proven track record

From small beginnings in a two-man office in Holland to business on three continents, over 200 successful projects and a proven track record of improving growth and profitability. The Noventum story is one of continuous forward momentum – and we are ready to write a new chapter with you.

Mission and Vision

Our vision is that the Service Business leads the way to abundant and sustainable growth and prosperity. Our mission is to unlock the unlimited potential of Service Business in organisations – and we do this by offering a proven Service Business Model and Transformation Roadmap.​

In the Service Industry, we are known as a result driven thought Leader. We have delivered over 200 successful projects, many of them together with Fortune 500 clients - a testimony to our ability to do so.

Our Service Business Model and Transformation Roadmap were created to help businesses like yours get more from something you already do. Establish a relationship with us and we will use proven methodology and tools to help you cut service costs and achieve sustainable, profitable growth.

Underpinning all our activities is a commitment to upholding several key values. 


We share risk, provide hands-on assistance and guide you through your company’s service transformation to help you achieve sustainable, profitable growth.

  • We apply Service Thinking and believe in a co-constructive approach to Innovation. Herein your business expertise is combined with our service expertise, which will lead to profitable and sustainable growth.

  • We share risk, provide hands-on assistance and guide you through your company’s service transformation.

  • We are pragmatists and we use a successful model, which we tailor to specific customer needs – simple, effective and proven.

  • We collaborate closely with ‘Best In Class’ customers, participate in branch organisations, enjoy close contact with the academic world and connect with government officials, who see the potential of service business. This allows us to share insights and apply experience from one industry to another.

Our People

Ready to experience the difference passion combined with a wealth of experience can make?

With over 75 consultants worldwide, our experience covers all major industry regions, namely: Germany, France, Spain, Benelux, Scandinavia, UK, North America and China.

Our international nature allows us to provide our services in all of the most widely used languages, including: English, Mandarin, French, Spanish and German. We are therefore able to support companies in building their service organisation and making it more profitable, while offering them the same service level across the globe.

Our consultants share one defining characteristic – they all have a passion for Service. Noventum people see and understand the potential for profitable growth that Service Business holds. Statistics tell us future growth and profit will overwhelmingly be found in services. We are ready to help you capture it.

We create teams that combine experienced consultants with new, young talent. By doing so, wise old heads get new perspectives and ‘outside the box’ thinking.

Finally, we are ‘with’ you. Your challenges are ours, and our success is defined by yours.

Curious? Read on and find out how you can take a new approach to your Service Business and contact us today.


With offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, a talented team of experts proficient in the local language and culture is at your disposal, whatever your location.

Getting in touch with Noventum is easy – use the contact formula here and it will automatically be forwarded to your local consultant, who will then contact you.

Alternatively you can join our LinkedIn group, “The Service Innovation Community”. Here you can follow and contribute to current branch debates, make new contacts, enjoy access to resources and follow developments in our fast moving industry. You can also sign up for our Service Innovation Programme or select which Projects you want to attend within the year. If you're interested in training you can find more information about our public and in-company courses here.

We can also be found on Twitter – just follow the links found across our site and join the Service Innovation Community today.